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Green jobs market at risk due to ongoing skills shortage.

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UK businesses need to upskill workers to compete in sustainable marketplace

Despite the green jobs boom – almost 70% of business leaders believe the country is heading towards a green skills shortage – particularly in the areas of sustainable engineering and finance.

Research carried out by leading recruiter PageGroup, shows businesses need to upskill their workers to compete in the sustainable sector and employees are increasingly concerned about the impact climate change and net-zero commitments will have on their current roles.

Key research findings;

  • 57% believe these specialised skills are important to their business – but many are struggling to find skilled staff.
  • 27% are actively identifying opportunities and anticipating future business needs.
  • 26% investing in professional training to upskill and prepare their existing workforce.
  • 23% are offering more on-the-job training and apprenticeships.

A separate poll of 2,000 employed adults found 27% are eyeing up a green job as their next career move but many are unsure if they have the necessary skills.

The research commissioned by global recruitment experts Michael Page, showed 47% are considering work in the renewable energy sector – with many also seeing sustainable investment and sustainable construction as viable options.

Half of the employed adults considering the switch wanted a role that positively impacted the planet, while 36% wanted to future-proof their careers.

To ensure their skills are compatible with future green jobs, 28% plan to undergo training related to their current specialism, with 26% exploring online courses to achieve the necessary qualifications.

Joanna Bonnett, Head of Sustainability at PageGroup, said, “To ensure the UK succeeds in its green transition efforts, it’s crucial for policy makers, businesses, and educational organisations to collaborate and invest in properly preparing the workforce. Doing so, will create a pipeline of talent that is ready for the jobs of the future and tackle the green skills shortage, which, if not addressed, could drastically slow down net zero efforts.

“With one in five companies currently recruiting for green positions, it’s clear they recognise the significance of the green transition, and importantly, the benefits it brings to their business and workforce.”


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