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You days

Indeed ends mental health-focused ‘You Days’

The pandemic-induced monthly day-off benefit, designed to boost employee morale, is phased out as companies reevaluate post-lockdown perks.

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“You Days” aimed at promoting employee well-being.
It was initially introduced to encourage employees to take paid time off.
Indeed continues to prioritise flexibility in work arrangements.

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Job site Indeed has decided to discontinue its monthly day-off initiative, known as “You Days,” aimed at promoting employee well-being, as confirmed by a company spokesperson on Thursday.

During the pandemic, many employers took steps to enhance mental health support and benefits for their workforce. For instance, LinkedIn implemented weeklong production shutdowns, EY provided mental health and wellness stipends, and Indeed introduced “You Days” as an additional monthly day off for its global employees. However, this particular benefit is now being eliminated.

With the gradual return to office spaces, various perks and benefits introduced during the lockdown period are being phased out. This trend is not limited to private companies, as even government support has shifted, with pandemic-era federal funding for childcare programs ending on September 30.

The benefit, created in 2020, was a temporary offering to push workers to take time off in an era when that was not top of mind.

According to the Indeed spokesperson, Scott Dobroski, the “You Days” initiative, initiated in 2020, was always intended to be a temporary offering. Dobroski explained that the program was initially introduced to encourage employees to take paid time off, recognising its importance during a time when it might not have been a top priority for the workforce.

While the monthly day-off benefit is being discontinued, Indeed emphasises its ongoing commitment to employee well-being. Dobroski highlighted that the company still provides unlimited paid time off, allowing employees to take time off as needed. Additionally, Indeed continues to prioritise flexibility in work arrangements, offering options for in-office, hybrid (a mix of in-office and remote work), or fully remote work for its employees.


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