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Labour shortages force companies to hire older workers in Taiwan

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Companies in Taiwan actively invited 327,000 middle-aged and elderly individuals for job interviews

A new report by 104 Corp reveals that due to high inflation and a growing labor shortage in Taiwan, there has been a surge in middle-aged and elderly individuals returning to the workforce. To meet the increasing demand for workers, companies in Taiwan are also targeting older age groups for recruitment. The report states that in the past year, out of over one million job vacancies in Taiwan, 181,000 were specifically designed for middle-aged and elderly workers, which is three times higher than the figures from three years ago. The industries with the highest demand for workers were wholesale and retail, real estate, and the accommodation service sector.

Moreover, 104 Corp’s research found that companies in Taiwan have actively invited 327,000 middle-aged and elderly individuals for job interviews during the same period, a 2.3% increase in the past three years. The report highlights that the older generation is taking advantage of these employment opportunities, with 58,000 individuals applying for jobs in March, a 23.4% rise compared to the previous three years.

Wu Lixue, General Manager of 104 Middle-Aged and Elderly Employment Bank, said: “New recruitment strategies should focus on those age 55 and older as declining birth rates in Taiwan reduce the labour force. With inflation soaring, the self-assessed retirement age of middle-aged and elderly people has been postponed to 64 years old, retirement reserves have risen from 15 million to 20 million, and the willingness to continue working and job hunting has increased, driving the number of middle-aged and elderly active applicant.”


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