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Majority of workers say they will thirve under a flexible work schedule

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Fiverr report reveals 4-Day workweek benefits

A new report released today by the talent platform Fiverr suggests that flexible work schedules could lead to improved well-being for American workers.

The study, which surveyed over 9,000 employees and freelancers across various countries, including the United States, found that a significant majority of American workers, precisely 76%, believe they can efficiently complete their weekly workload in just four days. Interestingly, this sentiment was even stronger among millennials, with 87% of them expressing agreement with this statement.

Furthermore, the report highlighted that 76% of American workers feel that their current office-based work setup does not align with their personal preferences. Among those who prefer working from home, 63% cited the benefits of saving time and money on commuting as a key motivating factor, while more than a third found traditional office environments to be distracting.

Surprisingly, the research also revealed that baby boomers are more receptive to remote or flexible work arrangements compared to their millennial and Gen X counterparts.

Commenting on the findings, Michal Miller Levi, Senior Director of Market Research and Insights at Fiverr, emphasized the need for organizations to adapt to the evolving needs of their workforce. Levi stated, “Research has shown that the corporate work structure often fails to accommodate the needs of diverse talent, from young workers to parents, who thrive with flexibility and control over their work lives. To recruit diverse talent, organizational leaders will need to stop emphasizing working hours and instead focus on skills and output.”

The report also delved into meeting preferences, revealing that 46% of global workers prefer no more than one daily meeting, while 59% still prefer in-person meetings.

This comprehensive research, conducted by Censuswide in August, provides valuable insights into the changing preferences and needs of the modern workforce. It surveyed a total of 9,129 employees and freelancers across the United Kingdom, the United States, Italy, Netherlands, Germany, France, and Australia, with 2,008 of the respondents hailing from the United States.


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