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Newly designed TALiNT International launched by TALiNT Partners

TALiNT Partners reveals their freshly revamped TALiNT International website, marking a significant leap in delivering global talent insights to their worldwide audience.

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TALiNT Partners launches redesigned content sharing platform.
TALiNT International boasts a global footprint.
TALiNT International is now a centralised platform sharing insights from TA and staffing industries.

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TALiNT Partners is delighted to announce the reveal of their freshly revamped TALiNT International website, marking a significant leap in delivering global talent insights to a worldwide audience. 

This redesigned platform creates a centralised resource for the whole talent ecosystem and boasts a formidable, combined readership of the TALiNT International magazine and the modernised website; further cementing TALiNT Partners as a global beacon for talent acquisition and staffing expertise.  

A global footprint  

With an extensive global footprint, TALiNT International is better than ever poised to provide the freshest insights, trends, and news from a global perspective. This transformation ensures that the world of talent acquisition is more accessible than ever to teams spanning the globe. 

TALiNT International, brought to you by TALiNT Partners, serves as an invaluable resource for businesses, equipping them with the knowledge to make informed, strategic decisions relating to talent acquisition and staffing.  

Expanding horizons for advertisers and sponsors  

Not only does this update benefit the readers, but it also ensures greater reach and engagement for advertisers and sponsors as it combines all of TALiNT Partners network which provides a unique window into the global TA and staffing industry. 

For those looking to seize the opportunity and elevate their brand on this global stage, please contact the Editor, Debbie Walton on debbie@talintpartners.com 

The new TALiNT International website is more than just a digital transformation; it’s a leap forward in global talent acquisition knowledge sharing.  

Debbie Walton, Editor of TALiNT International commented: “I believe that the decision to evolve the magazine and website into one super digital content platform is only going to further solidify TALiNT Partners as leaders in TA and staffing insights sharing. I’m excited to continue to share stories from across our vast global network with our audience, and the site looks fantastic!”  



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