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One in four university students use ChatGPT for job searching

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Research reveals impactful benefits and risks involved

According to research conducted by Persol, approximately 26.5% of third and fourth-year university students have utilised ChatGPT for job hunting. The study revealed that the primary purpose for using the service during job searches was to “create reasons for wanting to work at a company,” cited by 63.6% of the respondents. Additionally, 60% of students mentioned that they used ChatGPT to save time.

Among the students who used ChatGPT, the most significant benefit they experienced was the realization of new perspectives that they wouldn’t have thought of on their own, with 77.5% acknowledging this advantage.

Regarding its practicality in the job search process, slightly over half of the students (53.3%) found the service “somewhat helpful” in tasks like document screening and interview preparation. On the other hand, a notable 40.8% considered ChatGPT “extremely helpful,” while a small percentage of 5.8% found it “not helpful.”

Looking ahead, when asked if they would use ChatGPT in the future for job searching, 63% responded positively, indicating their willingness to continue using the service, while 37% expressed their intent not to use it.

Shinya Okamoto, Editor-in-Chief of Doda Campus, a Persol subsidiary, highlighted that the use of ChatGPT is not limited to student job hunting. However, he also raised concerns about the lack of clear policies or guidelines established by the country or society, leading to potential risks and uncertainties. In particular, he emphasised that personal information and privacy data might be at risk of being converted into data without proper safeguards.


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