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Online recruitment in India declines

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June 2023 sees 3% dip

According to the latest foundit Insights Tracker, online recruitment in India experienced a 3% decline in June 2023 compared to June 2022.

The Tracker, which measures online recruitment activity, dropped from 279 in June 2022 to 270 in June 2023.

On a month-on-month basis, there was a 2% increase in online recruitment in June.

While there was a 3% decrease in year-on-year figures, foundit noted that there is a positive hiring sentiment among employers, evident from the month-on-month growth. This growth indicates a thriving job market in India.

Among the 27 monitored industries, 8 witnessed an increase in e-recruitment compared to the previous year. The shipping/marine sector showed the highest year-on-year growth with a 44% increase, followed by travel and tourism at 34%.

Conversely, the IT-hardware and software industry experienced the sharpest decline over the year, with a decrease of 19%.

In terms of occupational categories, online demand for professionals increased over the year in 4 out of the 13 categories monitored by the tracker in June. The HR & admin category demonstrated the highest growth at 11%, while customer service recorded the steepest decline at 28%.

Among the 13 cities tracked, online recruitment exceeded the levels of the previous year in 2 cities.

Based on experience level, online recruitment saw a 6% decrease in the 0-3 years’ experience category. Hiring for intermediate level roles, with 4-6 years of experience, experienced a significant 23% decline.

Mid-senior level roles with 7-10 years of experience reached an all-time low in hiring, experiencing a 27% decrease over the year.

Hiring for senior level roles with 11-15 years of experience decreased by 18%, while leadership roles with 16+ years of experience saw a significant decline of 38%.


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