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Overcoming ATS pain points for unparalleled success

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In today’s ever-evolving recruitment industry, transformative technological advancements are reshaping the way we operate. For some recruiters, the days of arduous manual processes, mountains of paperwork, and endless phone calls are a thing of the past, harnessing the power of modern soluti ons. However, while signifi cant strides have been made with applicant tracking systems (ATS) and recruitment technology in general, there sti ll remains an urgent need for improvement and advancement for some as the business landscape conti nues to shift and evolve. At TargetRecruit, prospects undergo a rigorous existi ng soft ware evaluati on process, where there is an emphasis on understanding potenti al clients’ most pressing pain points with their current set up and how they can be eliminated with new soft ware. Naturally, through close collaboration, TargetRecruit have amassed invaluable insights into the recurrent challenges that plague the industry and as a result, have published the top five most critical pain points that afflict recruitment firms worldwide…

The impact of improper ATS on recruitment

Reporting: The absence of comprehensive reporti ng capabiliti es within an ATS severely impacts recruitment fi rms in various ways. Without access to detailed and accurate reports, firms’ decision-making becomes challenging, and crucial insights needed to drive strategic actions are obscured. This lack of visibility hampers the ability to track key performance indicators, analyse recruitment trends, and make data-driven decisions.

Recruitment firms need access to real-time snapshots of their business, in various report formats, including custom reports that are fit for the business, created through simple clicks, not coding.

Sales and business development: Insufficient support for sales and BD activities within an ATS affects success. Without robust features managing leads, tracking sales pipelines, and automati ng follow-ups, firms struggle to identify and capitalise on new opportunities. This leads to hindered revenue growth, missed business targets – hampering a firm’s competitive position. Recruitment firms need to manage their pipelines effortlessly by creating leads, and opportunities, placing repetitive sales tasks on automation through customisable sales processes that break down the barriers between sales and recruiting; enabling seamless connectivity for both.

Integration: Limited integration capabilities of ATS solutions create significant challenges for firms today. The inability to seamlessly integrate with other systems, such as payroll or job boards, leads to data silos and fragmented workflows. This disjointed approach results in inefficiencies, duplicated efforts, and reduced productivity as recruiters waste valuable ti me manually transferring data between systems. Recruitment firms need nati ve integrations that can unify systems and streamline data flows by leveraging flexible APIs. An ATS that can properly connect with other apps and use sophisticated APIs to connect with non-native solutions as well will elevate a recruitment firm significantly.

At TargetRecruit, we dedicate ourselves to educating companies on the prevailing pitfalls of common ATS solutions available in the market today. – Neil Curry, Head of Sales UK at TargetRecruit

Automation: Outdated ATS platforms lacking intelligent automati on features create a major burden for fi rms. Manual and repeti ti ve tasks, such as resume parsing, interview scheduling, and candidate tracking, consume valuable ti me and resources, limiti ng recruiters’ capacity to focus on high-value activities. The absence of automation also impedes productivity, slows down the recruitment process, and hampers candidate engagement and experience, leading to missed talent acquisiti on opportuniti es and potenti al candidate dissatisfaction. Recruitment firms need the flexibility to build, manage and run automated processes at the click of a butt on. With tools to automati cally send alerts and emails, assign leads or candidates, update data, schedule outbound messages, and much more, turning complicated business processes into seamless workflows.

Customisation: Finally, the limited customisation options in many ATS platforms hinder firms from tailoring their systems to meet unique business requirements. Standardised features and rigid workflows prevent fi rms from innovati ng and adapting their processes to gain a competitive edge. This lack of customisation stifles productivity, hampers process opti misati on, and restricts the firm’s ability to diff erenti ate itself in the market. Recruitment firms need tools and professional services that enable an unlimited buildout of customised functions, features, and capabilities designed around specific business needs.

Navigating towards the proper solution

Now this is where you can make the difference: by implementing a cutti ng-edge, enterprise soft ware solution, designed specifically for recruitment firms. From a deep understanding of the challenges and opportuniti es, inherent in implementi ng new technology, the above insights have empowered TargetRecruit to address these pain points head-on, and provide the soluti ons to tackle them. Through explorati on of these challenges in detail, companies seeking to upgrade their ATS and modernise thir operati ons can make informed decisions when choosing the proper soft ware soluti on to avoid hindering overall business performance and growth potenti al. Addressing these issues is crucial for recruitment professionals to enhance their operati onal efficiency, drive revenue growth, and maintain a competitive edge in the dynamic industry landscape. With the proper ATS, firms can streamline their processes, nurture client relationships, seize new opportunities, and optimise overall business performance. Striving to enable companies to unlock their true potential and thrive in this dynamic industry, TargetRecruit’s mission is to equip recruitment firms with the tools they need to drive producti vity to unparalleled heights and unlock new avenues for revenue growth by having the proper recruitment software that is fully customised to their exact business needs, built to scale, and built to last.


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