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‘Overwhelmingly positive’: HR raves about chatbots

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Growing acceptance of HR chatbots despite employee concerns

A recent survey conducted by Capterra indicates that HR professionals across the United States are increasingly adopting dedicated chatbots in the workplace, despite concerns expressed by some employees.

The survey, which involved 300 HR professionals, unveiled that 52% of respondents have successfully integrated an HR-specific chatbot into their systems. Furthermore, 41% stated that they are considering implementing one, while only seven percent confirmed that they have no plans to do so.

These findings highlight the rising popularity and interest among HR departments in utilizing HR-dedicated chatbots, which effectively address common concerns raised by employees and jobseekers. The feedback received from HR professionals regarding chatbot usage has been predominantly positive. The Capterra survey reports that 48% of chatbot users rated the quality of the technology as “excellent,” 46% deemed it “good,” and a mere six percent classified it as “fair.”

However, the survey results indicate some reservations. While 67% of HR employees using chatbots expressed confidence in the accuracy of information provided by the technology, only 60% believed that chatbots are capable of correctly processing requests.

Additionally, nearly half (49%) of the surveyed HR chatbot users reported receiving complaints from employees or job seekers regarding their chatbot’s performance. Among them, 15% encountered “multiple complaints,” while 34% received a single complaint in the past.

Interestingly, more than half (51%) of the respondents stated that they have not received any complaints from employees or jobseekers about their HR chatbot. Common issues raised in these complaints could include misinterpretation or misunderstanding of queries, as well as providing incorrect or unlawful advice.

Brian Westfall, the Associate Principal Analyst at Capterra, explained, “HR departments are well-versed in the rules governing how they can and cannot assist employees. However, chatbots may lack the full understanding of these nuances, including when to escalate complex questions or requests to a human HR representative.”


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