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Oyster Partnership launches shiny new brand

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The launch promises to be worth the wait

Oyster Partnership has announced today that they are set to launch a new brand, website and offices.

For Oyster, the re-brand focusses on building something extraordinary for their clients, candidates and for their own people by creating more opportunities, more rewards and greater success.

Oyster is known in the industry to never shy away from growth and development and are determined to reimagine what recruitment can be. With a larger and stronger team, passion for success and drive to steer the recruitment industry in a changing world, Oyster believes it is poised to enact great change in the recruitment industry.

The rebrand welcomes a new postcode in Mayfair, boasts a brilliant new brand identity, and will unveil an entire website redesign! Oyster’s tagline says it all: “Our success is your success” through an ethos of ensuring every client has the right people and every candidate has the right position to excel.

To achieve the rebrand Oyster has partnered with the respected Nottingham-based brand marketing agency, RizkMcCayTribe. The rebrand promises to bring the Oyster personality to life and its core values to the forefront of the talent ecosystem thereby making sure Oyster audiences are front of mind throughout the entire creative experience.

Oyster is sharing its excitement through a social media launch campaign, which has invited people to share experiences they feel are worth waiting for and stand a chance to win a £350 voucher and some enviable goodies.

Sasza Bandiera, MD at Oyster Partnership commented: “As every business knows, the right employee is worth the wait and Oyster’s dedication to clients and candidates is reflected through the quality of our environment and investment in our brand. It’s been worth the wait and we’re eager to share it.”

The biggest reveal to hit the recruitment sector this year, Oyster have kept details of its incredible changes completely under wraps, but M.D, Sasza Bandiera spoke exclusively to TALiNT International as said: “The pandemic brought about new challenges, but also lots of new opportunity for the business. By leaning in, we discovered new opportunities, expanded on what we were doing well, and got rid of what wasn’t so good. We took ourselves on a learning curve to make sure our foundations were all bolstered to allow us to really understand and deliver what both candidates and clients want and need.”

“Overall, we’ve been through lots of internal change over the last 18months: investing in new verticals, training, D&I, automation, bespoke CRM, new processes & procedures and finally a new brand that really represents who we are and where we’re going – all within a fresh new office space in the heart of London. We’ve reimagined what recruitment can be, to support clients and candidates on their journeys.”

“We’re on a mission to 2030. With still lots of goals to realise, everyone at Oyster will have a part to play, even those who haven’t started yet…”

To join the Oyster journey and be part of reimagining recruitment, have a look at their social channels and be in with a chance of winning a £350 voucher. Lots of things in life are worth waiting for. But what’s worth the wait for you?


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