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Partnership launch event at Expert360 HQ

Industry leaders convene to discuss future workforce challenges and opportunities.

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Adapting to rapidly changing legislation.
The current state of AI and its partnership with human roles.
Methods for assessing stills within organisations.

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On 23rd May, the Expert360 HQ in Sydney hosted a partnership event, hosting thought leaders and key stakeholders across HR, Talent, Contingent Workforce, Shared Service, and Workforce Strategy. The Partnership Launch event brought together these experts to debate, discuss, and share insights on the challenges and opportunities facing the workforce of the future.  

Key conversations included: 

Contingent workforce management 

– A core theme was that many organisations struggle with tracking the number of contingent workers, their project timelines, overall spending, and distinguishing between lateral and contingent workforce management 

Skills management  

– Defining skills, and strategies for hiring, engaging, and retaining talent 

– Methods for assessing stills within organisations, whether via manual Skills Taxonomy and Ontology or perhaps implementing advanced technologies like Eightfold, Avature, Gloat, Fuel50, and Techwolf 

Legislation and workforce integration

– Adapting to rapidly changing legislation and managing permanent and contigent workers 

– Ensuring that contingent workers feel integrated and valued within the company culture 

AI and technological integration 

– The current state of AI and its partnership with human roles 

– Anticipating job descriptions that delineate tasks managed by AI compared to those that require human intervention 

– The dual role of advanced technology as both an enabler and a potential challenge in workforce strategies  

The panel discussion stood out as the highlight of the evening, thanks to the expert contributions from Loren De Laine from CHEP, Jane Hawkins from BOQ, Chris Cox from Expert360, and Bevan Stephenson from Deel. The perspectives provided were invaluable and our partnerships with Deel and Expert360 went beyond simply contribution but acted as a testament to what we can achieve together in commitment to excellence and innovation.  


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