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Philippines and Australia establish ‘work and holiday’ visa scheme

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Short-term employment opportunities for holidaymakers

The Philippines and Australia have recently reached an agreement to introduce a multi-entry visa program, as reported by PhilStar Global. This innovative visa initiative is designed to facilitate short-term employment opportunities for citizens of both nations while they are on holiday, enabling them to finance their travels. The Presidential Communications Office of the Philippines disclosed that Manila and Canberra have formalized a memorandum of understanding, establishing a ‘work and holiday’ visa program. This arrangement permits eligible individuals from the Philippines and Australia to reside and work in the host country for an unextendable period of 12 months.

This particular visa program is accessible to Filipino and Australian citizens who fall within the age bracket of 18 to 31 at the time of application. To be eligible, candidates must have either completed tertiary education or accomplished a minimum of two years of undergraduate or post-secondary education. Additionally, applicants are required to satisfy health, character, and national security criteria, and they must possess medical insurance for the entire duration of their stay. The 12-month timeframe will commence from the date of their initial entry into the host country, and eligible individuals can exit and re-enter using the same visa.

Both Filipino and Australian nationals are obligated to adhere to the host country’s laws and regulations during their stay. The memorandum also stipulates that individuals holding work and holiday visas who engage in employment during their visit “will be governed by the same labor laws of the host government as local workers, subject to the employment conditions.”


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