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Elevating Contingent Workforce Programs

A look into the modernization efforts and future direction of contingent workforce programs, as discussed by an HR professional.

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Ownership of the CW program.
The next phase in the evolution of the CW space.
Qualities which stand out in the TIARA Awards.

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Emily Shanks

Awards Executive at TALiNT Partners


Allen Chilson

Talent Acquisition Leader at Danaher Corporation

Emily Shanks, Awards Executive at TALiNT Partners spoke to TIARA Awards Judge, Allen Chilson, Talent Acquisition Leader at Danaher Corporation, about elevating contingent workforce programs. 

ES: What efforts have you made to modernize the Danaher CW program since joining the company?   

AC: We have done a few things since I joined Danaher back in 2021.   

  • We had our MSP start collecting (aggregate) demographic data from our staffing suppliers so we could look at the diversity trends of our contingent workforce. 
  • We had the MSP start screening suppliers (current and potential) about things beyond just their diversity certification status – which includes asking for information about the diversity of their corporate/back office team, the diversity of their overall contingent workforce on assignment, what types of engagement programs they have for their CWs and what are they doing to make a positive impact in the community around their company. 
  • We recently migrated from IQ Navigator to Beeline. 
  • We are piloting some roles in the MSP program to not be run in the “vendor neutral” fashion (so we are selecting only 2-4 trusted suppliers to support a role and then inviting them to join the MSP Representative on the intake call with the Manager). 


ES: Regarding the ownership of the CW program, where do you believe it should ideally reside, and what are the reasons behind your stance?   

AC: My opinion is a bit biased, because I have spent my career in HR (mostly talent acquisition). My politically correct and diplomatic (and honest) answer is that it should be a strong partnership between Procurement and HR/TA regardless of who the actual program owner is. But while I think that TA could manage a CW program without Procurement’s involvementI think the opposite is not a good idea because the contingent workforce is part of the company’s talent pool and TA should be involved with all components of the workforce. 

ES: What do you foresee as the next phase in the evolution of the CW space?    

AC: Direct sourcing would be a popular answer, but I don’t think that is itI think it is critical that we all work to challenge our program “infrastructure” (whether we use an MSP or are self-managed) and ensure we have continuous improvement initiatives in place that are focused on improving both Manager and Contingent Worker experiences with our programs.  A lot of our tools (VMSs, MSPs, Contracts) and our policies/processes need to evolve to ensure they are meeting the needs of today’s Managers & Workers. 

ES: Being a judge for the TIARA Awards, what aspects of the process do you find most rewarding or enjoyable?   

AC: I take satisfaction from participating in the judging process knowing that the TIARA Awards will provide each submission with actionable feedback from the judging panel – win or loseI also find it rewarding/enjoyable because I am learning more about our industry’s suppliers and technologies while reviewing submissions. 

ES: What qualities or achievements stand out when evaluating candidates or companies for recognition in the US TIARA Awards?   

AC: Two things stand out those submissions who do a great job of providing the judges with metrics and case studies to support their answers, and those submissions who fully answer the question that is asked instead of “copy and pasting” words from their marketing literature. 

ES: What industry developments or advancements do you anticipate will be in the 2024 TIARA Talent Solution Award entries this year?   

AC: I believe we will continue to see submissions that showcase the use of AI and/or modern technology platforms to bring speed and efficiency to their Talent Solution processes.