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Talent Acquisition in hospitality

Flexible working in hospitality?

Innovative TA from the Group Head of Talent at The Doyle Collection Hotel Group.

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TIARA Talent Solutions Awards judge gives advice to next year’s entrants.
Wellbeing programmes for workers in hospitality.
Clever ways to hire in hospitality.

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Debbie Walton

Editor at TALiNT Partners


Sharron Marsh

Group Head of Talent at The Doyle Collection

Sharron Marsh, Group Head of Talent, The Doyle Collection sat down with TALiNT International to discuss the ongoing TA challenges in the hospitality industry. With demand for hybrid working increasing, and the retail hospitality experience continued staff shortages, how are TA leaders in the industry managing the desk-less workforce?

TALiNT International: The retail and hospitality industry has been / is being hit hard by talent shortages! You’re surely coming up with some innovative ways to attract talent?

Sharron Marsh: At The Doyle Collection, we are always mindful of the impact of staff shortages on our own hotels and the industry at large. In response, we are actively devising innovative strategies to attract talent. Our approach includes offering competitive salaries, flexible work schedules where possible and comprehensive, compelling training programmes. Through ongoing collaboration with educational institutions and job placement organisations, we aim to connect with a broader pool of passionate candidates.

TI: The clash of the ways of work cultures continues. How do you manage your teams when people who work in hospitality simply can’t work from home?

SM: We recognise the challenge of accommodating different ways of working in the hotel industry where remote working is simply not feasible. We endeavour to offer flexible scheduling where possible, and we also invest in employee wellbeing programmes and initiatives to ensure a positive, inclusive workplace.

The TIARAs are known for its commitment to excellence and integrity, and I am honoured to be associated with such a reputable platform

TI: You were a judge for the first time for the TIARA Talent Solutions Awards. What made you choose to be a part of the TIARA awards programme?

SM: I was thrilled to be a part of this prestigious programme as a judge for the first time. The decision to join the TIARA Awards was motivated by several key factors. Firstly, I have a deep passion for talent development and recognition within the industry. Being a part of the TIARAs allowed me to contribute to the celebration and acknowledgment of outstanding talent and innovative solutions in the field of talent solutions and management. Secondly, the TIARAs are known for its commitment to excellence and integrity, and I am honoured to be associated with such a reputable platform.

TI: What does being part of the TIARAs mean to you?

SM: It’s honour that holds personal and professional significance. It signifies the opportunity to recognise and celebrate talent, engage with industry leaders and uphold a commitment to excellence in the field of talent solutions.

TI: What innovations do think we’ll see come out of this year’s awards entries?

SM: This year’s entries showcased innovative advancements in technology-driven solutions, coupled with creative approaches around diversity, equity and inclusion in talent solutions management. It will be fantastic to follow the award winners, and witness their progress and the exceptional service delivered to their clients.

TI: What advice do you have for those wishing to enter next year?

SM: To increase your chances of success in the awards next year, I would urge applicants to have a true understanding of the criteria, highlight your unique value proposition, gather compelling evidence, data and testimonials, craft a compelling and genuine narrative, showcase innovation and adaptability and most importantly, be confident and authentic! Wishing everyone the best of luck for next year!