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TIARA ANZ Award winners 2022

High calibre judge: MD of APSCo Australia talks to TALiNT International

Lesley is a judge at this year's TIARA Recruitment Awards in Australia.

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Interview with Lesley Horsburgh, Managing Director at APSCo Australia.
Developing leaders is increasing in complexity as the role becomes more technical.
The calibre of judges is something that is really critical for a credible awards process.

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Debbie Walton

Editor at TALiNT Partners


Lesley Horsburgh

Managing Director at APSCo Australia

TALiNT International interviewed Lesley Horsburgh, Managing Director at APSCo Australia and talked about the TIARA Awards in Australia and how APSCo is working tirelessly to change the landscape of contract recruitment.

TALiNT International: What trends and challenges do you see on the horizon for staffing companies in the year ahead?
Lesley Horsburgh: Increasing efficiencies and lowering the cost of a lot of BAU activities are on the agenda for many of our members. AI and offshoring are in the spotlight and will remain so for some time to come.

Developing leaders is also a big topic and is increasing in complexity as the role becomes more technical – particularly in Australia as the latest legislative changes bring more responsibility to leaders and risk heightens. Taking the leap from a high performing desk to one of management is a move many are simply turning their backs on.

The calibre of judges is something that is really critical for a credible process

TI: There has been some good news about Independent Contractors in Australia. Can you tell us more about that?
LH: We are literally reviewing the proposed legislation as l write this so I’ll reserve judgement just yet but early indications suggest that the work APSCo has been doing; lobbying Government for the recognition of Independent Contractors and the nuances of such highly skilled, well-remunerated workers to be carved out of broader IR changes has paid off.

TI: You’re a judge for the TIARA Recruitment Awards ANZ! What does being a judge for this awards programme mean to you?
LH: Having the opportunity to judge the TIARAs is really important, it gives me an opportunity to contribute to the profession that APSCo works hard to support everyday and holds a light to the excellence that our profession achieves across so many facets. The recruitment profession should be celebrated and Awards like this are a perfect way to do that.

TI: Out of all the awards programmes out there, what made you want to align yourself with the TIARAs?
LH: As part of a Global Association there was a natural pull towards the TIARAs as it is an international name. I also think the calibre of judges is something that is really critical for a credible process. The transparency of the judging panel and the breadth of knowledge they share is really a big draw card too.

TI: What makes an entry stand out for you when judging? Any advice for organisations wishing to enter?
LH: The devil as they say is always in the detail and when it comes to Awards you can never have enough. I’d say back everything you claim up with a stat, a measure or a testimonial. Get creative with the content but not so creative it blurs the message. And get a few people in the organisation to critique before you submit. Often the difference between a well written entry and one that feels a bit too “cut and paste” is what separates the winners.

Always revisit the criteria and ask yourself does this actually answer the question and does it demonstrate how.