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Quanta’s expansion into the US: A success story

From strategic beginnings to rapid growth and industry leadership.

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Quanta has seen the most success within the Life Sciences staffing sector.
Most importantly, we prioritise our company culture.
We ensure diversity and inclusion remains at the forefront of the company’s expansion.

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Emily Shanks

Awards Executive


Quanta Consultancy Services

Emily Shanks: What prompted Quanta’s decision to establish a presence in the United States back in 2012, and how has the company’s journey unfolded since then?  

Quanta Consultancy Services: In 2012, several of our global pharmaceutical clients requested Quanta to partner their capital projects in the USA to deliver our unique staffing solutions which started our adventure in America. In 2020 we knew it was the right time to open an office stateside. We evolved the USA strategy which led to the opening of our first virtual USA office in Boston in 2021. And then in Q3 2022 we secured our first actual office in the Research Triangle Park (RTP), North Carolina.  In 2023, we decided to supercharge this strategy by relocating 4 of our very own UK colleagues who secured their E-2 Visas and relocated over to North Carolina.  These four moved over to the States to our new office in the RTP, which is now home to 15 Quanta employees. 

The opening our USA office has had a huge positive impact on our business and client relationships as the team are now closer to their key clients and are able to deliver the best-in-class service within the same time zone while easily being able to meet face to face which is so important to us as a business. Not only this, but Quanta’s revenue in the USA has rapidly increased in this timeframe by 176% from 2021to 2022 and a projection of a further 145% increase from 2023 to 24. 


ES: Could you delve into the specific industries or sectors within the United States where Quanta has seen the most growth and success, and what factors have contributed to this? 

QCS: In the United States, Quanta has seen the most success within the Life Sciences staffing sector. Our focus on this area leverages our extensive experience (since 2002) and aligns with the booming US Life Sciences industry, particularly in the RTP region. This targeted approach allows us to capitalise on a growing market with a high demand for skilled professionals. 


ES: In what ways does Quanta Consultancy Services differentiate itself from competitors in the US market, and how does it maintain a competitive edge in the staffing and recruitment industry? 

QCS: Quanta stands out in the US staffing and recruitment industry through a combination of deep industry expertise, a strong global network leveraged for the US market, and a unique company culture.

Deep industry expertise: We utilise our extensive experience within the Life Sciences industry. This allows us to understand the unique needs of both clients and candidates, leading us to be able to identify skilled resources quicker, thus reducing time to hire, contractors adding value faster and ultimately enabling the delivery of successful projects. 

Global network, local focus: While we possess excellent long-standing relationships with clients globally, this network actively supports our growth within the USA meaning we can tap into a wider pool of talent while still maintaining a strong understanding of the specific US market. 

Unwavering company culture: Most importantly, we prioritise our company culture. We ensure this culture filters through all aspects of the business, fostering strong relationships not only internally but also with clients and candidates in the US. This focus on culture can lead to several competitive advantages, including: 

– High employee satisfaction and retention. A strong culture can attract and retain top talent within Quanta, leading to a more experienced and effective team. 

– Client & candidate trust and loyalty. A positive culture often translates to better client service and communication, fostering trust and long-term partnerships. 

– Candidate attraction. A friendly and welcoming company culture can be a major draw for qualified candidates, giving us an edge in a competitive market. 


ES: Could you elaborate on the significance of opening a new office in North Carolina, and how this strategic move aligns with Quanta’s vision for growth and expansion? 

QCS: Our decision to open a new office in North Carolina’s Research Triangle Park (RTP) is a strategic move that aligns perfectly with our vision for growth and expansion in several ways: 

Talent Hub: The RTP boasts a concentration of over 300 life science companies, making it a prime location to tap into a rich pool of highly qualified candidates. This proximity allows us to host regular networking events, building strong relationships with both new and existing talent. 

Client Accessibility: North Carolina’s location offers a central advantage for Quanta. While some clients may not be based within the state itself, the RTP’s location makes it convenient for our team to travel throughout the US and meet with them in person, as well as candidates seeking opportunities with those clients. This strengthens relationships and streamlines communication across the board. 

By establishing a presence in this life science hub, we have positioned ourselves to effectively attract top talent, foster strong client relationships, and ultimately achieve our goals for growth and expansion. 


ES: Quanta has emphasised its commitment to diversity and inclusion. How do you ensure that these values are reflected in its operations and culture, particularly as you expand into new geographic regions like North Carolina? 

QCS: We ensure diversity and inclusion remains at the forefront of the company’s expansion. There is currently a 45/55 split of females to males and the team includes members of more than 3 different ethnicities. Quanta prioritises a culture of inclusion through our “One Team” value. This ensures consistency across all locations, including new regions like North Carolina and our remote workers. Regardless of workplace, all employees are included in company celebrations, events, policies, and cultural initiatives. Any event we host in our UK office, we replicate in our US office for example both Christmas and summer parties, the Vision and Values day we will be hosting this year and any team building events like a scavenger hunt around the town. 

Additionally, to ensure a close-knit team environment, we maintain regular communication, another one of our values. This includes weekly company-wide video calls on Teams where the USA team actively participates. The entire team stays in regular contact, promoting a sense of unity despite geographical separation. 


ES: Can you share some insights into Quanta’s approach to building relationships with clients and candidates in the United States, and how these relationships have evolved over time? 

QCS: Quanta has built relationships and evolved them over time by focusing on the below: 

Leveraging Existing Relationships: We have established a strong foundation of candidate and client relationships globally, particularly in the UK and Europe. This has proven beneficial in securing projects with these same clients in the US, demonstrating trust and a proven track record. 

Face-to-Face Interaction: We emphasise the importance of meeting clients and candidates in person. This approach allows us to foster stronger connections and obtain a deeper understanding of needs. 

Communication as a Core Value: One of our core values is “we value communication,” and this is highlighted as being instrumental in building relationships, especially with clients and candidates in the US. Open and transparent communication builds trust and strengthens partnerships. 


ES: Looking ahead, what are Quanta’s plans and goals for further expansion and growth in the United States, and how does the company plan to achieve them while maintaining its commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction? 

QCS: Here’s a breakdown of our plans and how we’ll achieve them: 

Maintain Exceptional Service: While expanding our business in the RTP, we emphasise maintaining exceptional service for both clients and candidates. This involves strategies like: 

– Hiring experienced and qualified personnel who share their commitment to excellence. 

– Implementing robust training programmes to ensure new hires can deliver top-notchbest in class service. 

– Maintaining open communication channels with clients and candidates to address concerns and ensure satisfaction. 

Employee Development: As our team grows, Quanta highlights the importance of ongoing learning and development for all employees, mirroring their global commitment. This involves: 

– Creating training programmes tailored to new hires and existing employees’ needs. 

– Offering opportunities for professional development. 

– Encouraging mentorship programs within the team to foster knowledge sharing. 

Throughout the expansion, we remain dedicated to our core values; One Team, We enjoy what we do, We value communication, Investment in our future and We are proud to be different, 

By prioritising exceptional service, employee development, and our core values, we aim to achieve sustainable growth in the US while maintaining a strong company culture and satisfied clientele.