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Recruitment tech company, Odro launches free-to-market innovation called Hiredeck

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Early sign-up numbers indicate high demand for the shortlisting portal

Odro, the video recruitment supplier in the UK and three-time TIARA Tech Star winners, has announced the launch of its latest product, Hiredeck. This new digital shortlisting portal represents a departure from Odro’s previous focus on video-based software products. Moreover, Hiredeck is the company’s first ‘freemium’ model offering and standalone product in the market.

According to the organisation, prior to its launch, Hiredeck generated a high level of interest, with over 375 sign-ups to its waiting list in just three weeks. This strong response indicates the anticipated demand for the product, which aims to revolutionise the candidate submission stage for recruitment agencies.

Ryan McCabe, CEO of Odro, expressed enthusiasm for the launch and the change in direction for the company. Odro has been successful in the recruitment market for over eight years, primarily providing video technology solutions. However, McCabe believes that now is the right time to introduce a new business model and has been impressed by the initial reception of Hiredeck.

Ryan commented: “When we started out, video in recruitment was still a relatively new concept whereas now, it’s a fundamental component of a recruiter’s toolkit. How agencies use video has evolved over time and we understand that not all customers want or need to use every element of our platform. That’s why we took the decision to modularise our offering, and Hiredeck is the first release as part of that new strategy.”

“Video will, of course, be available to use inside Hiredeck. It still has a hugely important part to play in the modern-day hiring process, but we wanted to give recruiters greater flexibility, which is why it’s not integral.

“Hiredeck really elevates the process for our end-users – recruiters –  but also, crucially, for their clients. Hiring Managers, in many cases, spend hours reviewing candidates. Hiredeck takes a lot of the pain and time out of the process. It takes the service offering for our customers to a whole new level and I believe it’s only a matter of time before sending CVs with emails attached is a thing of the past. Hiring Managers should and will demand more as the industry continues to evolve and improve.”

Odro’s product portfolio has previously included tools for two-way interviewing, shortlisting, solo interviewing, and sales messaging, all packaged as a comprehensive solution for agencies’ end-to-end digital management. The introduction of Hiredeck and upcoming standalone products represents a shift in strategy for the Glasgow-based company.

Hiredeck aims to enhance the recruitment process for both recruiters and their clients, particularly hiring managers who spend significant time reviewing candidates. The portal streamlines the process, saving time and improving the overall service offering. McCabe predicts that the traditional practice of sending CVs with emails attached will soon become obsolete, as hiring managers demand more advanced solutions in an evolving industry.

Odro has a track record of introducing innovative products to humanize the hiring experience at scale. Hiredeck, being an example of this mission, is offered as a free product to encourage widespread usage and enjoyment of its benefits. In addition, Odro plans to launch a Pro version at a competitive price of £29, which will include valuable features such as fully customizable branding, increased candidate submissions and attachments, export capabilities, and automation integrations.

The CRM-led product, Hiredeck, has been launched in partnership with Bullhorn, and Odro has already enabled several customers to go live. The company also has future plans for additional integrations.

For more information or to sign up for Hiredeck, interested parties can visit Hiredeck.io.


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