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Search for AI-skilled staff skyrockets worldwide

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Employers Seeking AI-skilled Workers with ChatGPT Experience

Employers worldwide are increasingly searching for workers with AI skills, even though some remain hesitant about its implementation in the workplace. According to a recent survey conducted by ResumeBuilder, 91% of hiring employers are looking for employees with experience using ChatGPT, an AI chatbot that gained popularity after its release in November 2022.

Of the surveyed business leaders in the US, 11% are “very urgently” hiring ChatGPT-skilled staff, while 19% are “somewhat urgently” hiring. The most in-demand areas for AI-skilled workers include software engineering (58%), customer service (33%), human resources (32%), and marketing (31%).

Business leaders who participated in the survey stated that they want to hire ChatGPT-skilled employees to train the rest of their staff and to save resources. According to Chief Career Advisor Stacie Haller, companies are willing to pay to bring on employees with this skill to stay ahead in the industry.

Meanwhile, a Gartner survey showed that 48% of HR leaders are finalizing their guidelines on ChatGPT. However, some employers such as Amazon, Goldman Sachs, and Accenture have started limiting the use of AI in the workplace.


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