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Staffing, IT software industries show highest demand for fresh graduates

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Education and healthcare industries make the top five

According to a report by The Business Standard, the staffing industry in India is experiencing significant demand for fresh graduates. Data from foundit, a company formerly known as Monster India, reveals that the staffing industry currently represents 22% of the overall demand for fresh graduates with less than two years of work experience. Following closely behind are the IT software and software services sector, accounting for 19%, and the business process outsourcing sector, accounting for 10%. The education and healthcare industries also make the top five list, with market shares of 5% and 4% respectively.

Foundit also highlights Bengaluru as the city with the highest demand for freshers, holding a substantial market share of 12.4%. Bengaluru also offers the most competitive salaries for fresh graduates. Interestingly, recent trends indicate a growing preference for in-office work. As of May, a significant majority of job postings (92%) across various industries were for in-office roles, with 4.2% of job postings for hybrid models and 3.8% for work-from-home roles. This suggests a shift away from remote work arrangements among companies.

It is important to note that the staffing industry has emerged as the top sector for fresh graduates in India, as per the latest data. Bengaluru stands out as the city with the highest demand and best remuneration opportunities for newcomers. Additionally, the prevailing preference for in-office roles among employers reflects a noticeable shift from remote work practices.


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