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Strategies to overcome challenges of remote working

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Tips to foster team cohesion, connection and sense of belonging

Weekly10 Provides Key Insights for Employers to Foster Team Cohesion, Connection, and Success in Remote Work Settings

Remote working has become an integral part of business operations, with 16% of employees solely working from home between September 2020 and January 2023. However, employers face various challenges in this new work paradigm, including connecting with employees and boosting workplace morale. Employee engagement experts from Weekly10 have answered five commonly asked questions about remote working, offering effective strategies for employers to address these challenges.

Addressing the Challenges of Remote Working

To navigate the lack of face-to-face interaction, managers can implement several strategies to maintain team cohesion and collaboration:

To address the challenges of remote working, employers can take several steps. First, they can establish effective communication channels using platforms like Slack and Microsoft CRM, ensuring regular team meetings, video conferences, and catch-ups. Embracing asynchronous communications is also important, recognizing the inherent delay in responses. Setting clear expectations by defining goals and deliverables during check-ins helps keep projects on track. Providing necessary tools and resources, such as laptops and ergonomic equipment, ensures employees have what they need to succeed. Additionally, promoting a healthy work-life balance by encouraging regular breaks can prevent burnout and maintain productivity.

Fostering Connection in Remote Work Settings

To ensure remote employees feel part of an interconnected team, employers can enhance team bonding from a distance:

To foster connection in remote work settings, employers can organize remote team-building activities, such as trivia games and virtual challenges. Scheduling small, informal team meetings on a regular basis allows for the gradual building of strong relationships over time. Recognizing success and celebrating employees can be done through virtual recognition programs. In terms of working remotely with clients, businesses should establish clear communication channels through regular check-ins and milestone celebrations. Utilizing collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams facilitates seamless file sharing and real-time editing, providing clients with visibility throughout the project lifecycle. Encouraging employees to turn on their cameras during video conferences enhances client interaction.

The Value of Remote Working from Home

Remote working offers advantages for both employers and employees, including:

Remote working offers multiple benefits, including a 51% increase in productivity due to reduced distractions and focused work environments. Businesses also experience cost savings on office space and utilities, while employees enjoy reduced expenses. Moreover, remote work allows employers to access a broader talent pool by eliminating geographical restrictions. To support employees in successful remote work, managers should encourage the creation of dedicated workspaces to minimize distractions. Establishing a consistent routine and taking regular breaks helps maintain an efficient working environment. Encouraging time management through goal setting and task prioritization further contributes to remote work success.

According to Andy Roberts, CEO and Founder of Weekly10, remote working offers unparalleled flexibility for employees and enables businesses to attract talent globally. However, it presents challenges such as communication breakdown and possible isolation. Employers should implement strategies like creating clear communication channels and promoting social activities to thrive in a remote working environment.

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