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TALiNT Partners HR & TA Leaders Conference 2023: Shaping the future of Talent Acquisition

Reflections on TALiNT Partners HR & TA Leaders Conference 2023: Navigating Trends, Challenges, and Global Priorities in Talent Acquisition.

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TALiNT Partners HR & TA Leaders Conference unfolded over two dynamic days.
TA leaders collaboratively identified strategic considerations and priorities for 2024.
Discussions focused on talent scarcity, alternative pools, and leveraging the contingent workforce.

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Dallas, Texas, USA – November 29 & 30, 2023

In the heart of Dallas, Texas, the TALiNT Partners HR & TA Leaders Conference unfolded over two dynamic days, providing a platform for thought leaders, industry experts, and professionals to collaborate and explore the evolving landscape of Talent Acquisition. Ray Culver, Country Manager for the Americas at TALiNT Partners, set the stage with a warm welcome, sparking enthusiasm among delegates and partners.

Navigating complex trends and challenges

The conference kicked off with Declan Slattery, Chair of the Global Advisory Board & Head of TALiNT Partners’ Employer Program offering valuable insights into the complex and dynamic trends shaping the Talent Acquisition (TA) community. From “Skills first” and “Uniting generations” to addressing the challenges of a changing labor force, the agenda highlighted critical aspects such as Sustainability, Technology, DE&I, and the evolving nature of Modern Work.

Challenges and opportunities

Acknowledging the shifting landscape, the conference delved into the challenges faced by the global workforce. As hiring trends fluctuate, a human energy crisis emerges, with a staggering 48% of employees and 53% of managers reporting burnout. The changing labor market reflects fewer young people, an aging population, and a rise in individuals with long-term health conditions.

TA Leaders Global Focus

Keynotes and discussions emphasized the global focus of TA leaders, highlighting the importance of Data-Driven Decision-Making, Dynamic Employer Branding, Generative AI for TA, Contingent Workforce Strategy, Innovative Assessment, DEIB Talent, Internal Mobility, Upskilling, and Retention. The emphasis on collaboration and partnerships was echoed in discussions around choosing the right partners for strategic success.

Roundtables and Expert Panels: Unveiling Insights

Round Table 1: The Candidate Experience Imperative

In the first roundtable, the spotlight was on the vital role of a positive candidate experience. Attendees emphasized the importance of streamlining the application process, effective communication, and utilizing technology to enhance the candidate journey. Insights included actionable feedback from candidate surveys and innovative approaches such as storytelling to foster a sense of belonging.

Expert Panel 1: Shaping the TA Agenda for 2024

Led by Declan Slattery, this panel featuring Luke Stone, Iesha Berry, and Robin Saunders explored the upcoming trends and challenges that will shape the TA agenda in 2024.

Round Table 2: Prioritizing Employee Experience

Discussions in this round table extended beyond satisfaction or engagement, focusing on holistic well-being, internal mobility, recognition and feedback, and fostering inclusive work environments. The incorporation of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in Employee Experience emerged as a crucial consideration.

Expert Panel 2: The Expanding Role of TA

Led by Declan Slattery, this panel, featuring Shannon Taylor, Kellie Buckley, and Greg Karr, explored the boundaries of ‘how to do more with less’ in the ever-evolving TA landscape.

Day Two: AI, Talent Scarcity, and Future Priorities

The second day commenced with a captivating keynote from Marcus Sawyerr, CEO of EQ Community, shedding light on the massive reach of AI and its impact on Talent Acquisition. Insights into the unique opportunity for TA teams to leverage AI, ensuring realistic expectations, and the vital role of skills in the AI era were explored.

Round Table 3: Engaging with Underrepresented Talent

Discussions centered on talent scarcity, alternative talent pools, and leveraging the contingent workforce. Strategies included working with hiring managers, embracing out-of-the-box recruitment methods, and harnessing data and AI for identifying alternative talent sources.

Expert Panel 3: DE&I – Leveraging for Recruitment and Retention

Led by Ray Culver, this panel, featuring Rachel Allen, Kristin Taylor, Eliud Jimenez, and Robin Sanders, explored leveraging Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for effective recruitment and retention.

Round Table 4: Employer Branding and EVP

Insights were shared on maximizing and humanizing the power of employer branding and Employee Value Proposition (EVP). The importance of a compelling narrative, the influence of branding on applications, and common mistakes made by employers were explored.

Expert Panel 4: The Perfect “Talent Tech” Stack

Led by Ray Culver, this panel, featuring Kimberly Gregorie, JuliAnn Tuleya, Renee LaLonde, and Kevin Poll, delved into the components that make a perfect “Talent Tech” stack.

The expert led insights continued with an exhilarating Keynote Speaker Dan Quinn, Head of Talent Assessment and Executive Coaching, Citi, who led an enlightening and thought-provoking session headed up – “Going All-In: Getting The Most Out of Talent Assessments”

Round Table 5: Talent Intelligence and Strategic Planning

An interactive session led by Declan Slattery focused on the critical data points informing strategic workforce planning, employer branding, DE&I strategy, skills mapping, and more.

The expert led insights continued with an exhilarating Keynote Speaker Dan Quinn, Head of Talent Assessment and Executive Coaching, Citi, who led an enlightening and thought-provoking session on the “ins and outs” of talent assessments and how best to utilize them within your hiring and coaching processes.

Round Table 6: Global Client Advisory Board Priorities

TA leaders collaboratively identified strategic considerations and priorities for 2024, acknowledging the continued impact of talent scarcity and economic factors.

Closing Remarks and Future Outlook

Ray Culver, in his closing remarks, encapsulated the essence of the event. The conference successfully brought together the best minds in Talent Acquisition, providing insights into the challenges of 2023 and paving the way for what lies ahead in 2024. Key takeaways included the prominence of internal mobility, the equal importance of candidate and employee experience, and the imperative embrace of AI.

Declan Slattery thanked the delegates for their hard work, emphasizing the transformative impact of TA on individual lives—one job at a time. The event’s success was attributed to the collaboration of partners, including Avenica, WorkLLama, Sevenstep, Hueman RPO, Guidant Global, myBasePay, MojoHire.ai, EQ.app, and Beeline.

As the curtains closed, an announcement was made for the upcoming Talent & TIARAs 2024 in Atlanta on November 13th & 14th, along with exclusive roundtable dinners for senior TA leaders across key cities in America.

The TALiNT Partners HR & TA Leaders Conference stood as a testament to the power of collaboration, innovation, and shared knowledge in shaping the future of Talent Acquisition.


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