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TALiNT Partners’ Top 500 Recruiters ranks the sector’s most resilient staffing and talent solutions firms

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TALiNT Partners has today launched its latest Top 500 Recruiters Ranking List to provide an update on market-leading staffing and talent solutions companies.  

This builds on previous rankings to collate information on financial performance, sector and specialism to map the competitive landscape in recruitment and highlight the most resilient recruiters.   

“The Top 500 Recruiters List has been compiled using data either direct from Companies House, or data submitted direct from companies featured,” explained David Head, TALiNT Partners research lead on this year’s rankings. “The research primarily covers the period 2022 – 2023 and indicates that the biggest are getting bigger and turnover for the entire UK recruitment sector is now estimated at £59.9 billion.”   

Key finding from TALiNT Partners Top 500 Recruiters include:  

  • Total turnover of the top 500 recruiters is £49.9 billion, up from £36.8 billion in 2020.  
  • The 100 largest companies reported sales of £37.6 billion, up from £26.8 billion in 2020.  
  • Only 9% of companies have posted losses, compared to 16% in 2020/21. 
  • The number of Companies with a turnover above £50 million has grown from 121 to 162. 
  • The number of Companies with over £20 million in revenues has grown to 361 from 311.   

The Top 500 enables staffing and talent solutions firms to benchmark their performance against competitors by sector and specialism.    

The research also highlighted growth into areas such as Statement of Work, RPO, MSP, Employer of Record and Workforce Planning.  

“Whilst the results reflect a mix of the post-pandemic hiring spike and the more challenging market conditions in the second half of 2023, it is also an indicator of the sector’s most resilient recruiters and how diversification is fundamental in driving growth,” observed David Head. “The top 50 entries are dominated by companies offering solutions beyond ‘temp and perm’. In our 2019 rankings, none of the companies listed said they offered Statement of Work. Now there are 23.”   

The Top 500 enables staffing and talent solutions firms to benchmark their performance against competitors by sector and specialism.    

“As scale-up and enterprise level recruiters explore scope for strategic partnerships, mergers or acquisitions to accelerate growth, or increase market share, this is a useful and timely piece of research,” said Alex Evans, Managing Director of TALiNT Partners. “It is also a highly valued resource for any supplier to the recruitment sector looking to identify potential clients, whether they are technology, outsourcing, insurance providers, or legal, funding and M&A advisors.” 

The Top 500 Recruiters ranking list is now available as a downloadable Excel file to enable buyers to search and compare data easily. 

“This list of the sector’s top recruiters is part of TALiNT Partners Insight, complementing our global programme of peer learning events and membership to help leaders across the talent ecosystem make better strategic decisions,” said Ken Brotherston, CEO of TALiNT Partners. 


It is available to purchase for a fee of £1,500 + VAT.  

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