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Empowering TA leaders to make informed and strategic decisions.
Recruitment leaders look to the future.
Effectively engaging emerging talent as part of your talent strategy.

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8th May High growth lunch & learn @ Haymarket Hotel

Expert advice and peer insight sharing on how recruitment leaders can create more value and scale businesses and services more profitably.

14th May, Talent Leaders’ Dinner with Harver @ Steak 48, Chicago

As the business landscape transforms, we brought together leaders in TA and HR for an evening of debate and discussion in making informed and strategic decisions.

15th May, Talent Leaders’ Summit @ The Alex Hotel, Dublin

When it comes to making confident decisions, there’s nothing more empowering than gathering with peers to exchange challenges, experiences, and valuable insights.

15th May, Recruitment Leaders’ Summit @ The Alex Hotel, Dublin

As we look to the horizon of 2024 and beyond, recruitment leaders are realising that what helped them succeed in the past is no longer a guarantee of future success.

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15th May, Talent Leaders’ Dinner with WilsonHCG@ 101 Steak, Atlanta

Spotlight on an informative exchange for forward-thinkers in the realm of talent acquisition and procurement.

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23rd May, Emerging Talent Summit @ Cumberland Hotel, London

For employers, the paradigm has shifted towards cultivating their own workforce of experts. Whether through graduate schemes, apprenticeships, or flexible youth employment, fostering emerging talent has become an indispensable component for any comprehensive talent strategy.

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