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Talent Intelligence Workshop

Sometimes it feels more like fun and less like work!

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TALiNT Partners had a busy month of June! From Talent Intelligence to automation in recruitment, there were great conversations and delicious dinners shared among industry leaders. It’s always a good time…

8 June | The Beaumont Hotel, London

What are the new frontiers for Automation & AI in recruitment?

There was great debate on the new frontier for AI & Automation for TALiNT Partners members and guests at The Beaumont Hotel, co-hosted with Gary Cordery from Bullhorn and Donna Owen from Odro who made some great points…

• AI & Automation both rely on data integrity – recruiters need a culture of good CRM & record management to get the best ROI.

• AI can collate and curate content and data – but it can’t persuade people to take a job or a candidate. Persuasion can’t be automated.

• AI is reducing admin and removing the need for some resource in recruitment – but new roles are being created in data analytics, tech advisory and how to optimise talent intelligence.

21 June | The King's Fund, London

Talent Intelligence Workshop

This unique event for TI, HR and TA Leaders was hosted by TALiNT Partners, Strati gens and The Talent Intelligence Collecti ve to bett er understand trends in TI, build and enhance their own TI capability and opti mise the support for strategic decision making. Toby Culshaw, Global Head of Talent Intelligence at Worldwide Amazon Stores, Author of industry leading book Talent Intelligence and Founder of The Talent Intelligence Collecti ve led the workshop with insights from Strati gens and TALiNT Partners.


21 June | Mosimann’s Club, London