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TALiNT Partners travels the globe to gather insights and crown TA winners

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The year 2022 saw TALiNT Partners host 100 events which included the biggest one yet – the Talent and TIARAs in the US at the end of the year. If you did not see your fabulous face in the pages of TALiNT Scene in 2022, be sure to attend our host of informative and insightful dinners, roundtable discussions and conferences here. You’re guaranteed to be seated next to fellow industry leaders and colleagues who will share both insights and challenges faced in the market. It’s a great time to network, eat delicious food and gain a bird’s eye view of the talent ecosystem.

7 December | Marylebone, London

TA Leaders Dinner: Talent planning for an uncertain 2023. In the opulent setting of the Marylebone Hotel in central London, TALiNT Partners and Eightfold.ai looked at the challenges of preparing for the unexpected in workforce planning, gap analysis and critical skills retention to meet organisational priorities in an uncertain and potentially volatile market next year. We also pulled crackers and wore Christmas hats.

8 December | Marylebone, London

Recruitment Leaders Christmas Dinner and Debate. Back to the Marylebone (a new favourite it seems!) in partnership with iCIMS to debate the highs and lows of recruitment in 2022 and what leaders should be prioritising for resilience and success in 2023. The dreaded ‘R’ word came up too (‘Recession’ in case anyone hasn’t been reading the news) and how it will impact the industry in 2023 and which sectors will be most resilient. This event was the 100th event hosted by TALiNT Partners in 2022. We can’t wait for the next 100!

30 November to 1 December | Atlanta, USA


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