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Tech layoffs lead to strained teams

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1 in 3 workers do not have the necessary foundational skills required to enter most jobs

Amid the latest Amazon tech layoffs, Pluralsight has published a report highlighting the strain felt by managers trying to maintain control. Although most tech managers are under pressure to cut costs, Pluralsight’s data shows that 72% of team leaders plan to invest in upskilling their existing workforce. The report states that 100% of those surveyed believe in prioritizing the development of their current staff instead of hiring new talent. Gary Eimerman, Pluralsight’s Chief Product Officer, emphasized the shift in focus towards maximizing employee potential and the importance of continuous upskilling to remain competitive in the long run.

As the economic uncertainty of 2023 places a burden on tech team managers, the domino effect of tech layoffs leads to teams that are palpably strained. Pluralsight data suggests that managers in data analytics, IT, and software engineering are finding their team members taking on more responsibilities, with 67% of respondents confirming this. Moreover, 47% of those surveyed admitted to performing additional duties outside of their job description.

Reinvestment in upskilling remains the preferred method of survival for companies as the effects of tech layoffs continue to ripple through the industry. Pluralsight’s data shows that about half of the respondents agreed that the uncertain economic times call for new tech skills. In 2022, the tech skills gap narrative took center stage, with researchers positing that 1 in 3 workers do not have the necessary foundational skills required to enter most jobs.

Gary Eimerman, Chief Product Officer at Pluralsight said: “Organizations and individuals alike are being asked to do more with less in the face of reduced workforces and larger economic pressures. For longevity, companies will need to emphasize “continuous upskilling” to “sharpen their competitive edge.”


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