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Telecommunications sector in India to see 45% rise in hiring

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Increased demand expected to be led by emerging segments like 5G 

India’s telecommunication and allied sectors are set to witness 40-45% hiring growth by FY 2026 reports LiveMint, citing research by TeamLease Digital.

The demand is expected to be primarily led by emerging segments including 5G, virtual network operations, network security, IoT in big data, and cybersecurity specialists. Non-tech sectors such as manufacturing, smart cities, robotics, tele-medicine, health tech and drones will also see rising demand, TeamLease said.

Munira Loliwala, Business Head at TeamLease Digital commented: “On the whole, the telecom sector will employ about 6 million people by FY26, from about 4 million in FY22. She added that demand and payouts for specialised roles doubled in FY23. The sector saw flat rates of hiring and slight increases in salaries over the last several years. Certain specialised roles saw a recent spike in hiring is due to the pace of 5G rollout.


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