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The hottest jobs in 2023 revealed

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Interpreters top the tables for the biggest pay rise

New research from Adzuna has revealed the trending jobs for 2023. The job search engine company looked at over 1 million advertised job vacancies during November 2022, compared to the same period in 2021.

The research showed that the job getting the biggest pay increase is Interpreter, with an 81% year-on-year rise in the average advertised salary. This comes as no surprise in an increasingly globalised economy. Similarly, demand for Interpreters has increased from 632 to 1,945 jobs (+208%) in the past year. As a result, it now ranks 9th in the top 10 job titles with the biggest vacancy growth ranking.

The following jobs also saw significant average salary increases:

  • Cost Engineer (+62%),
  • Foster Care Support Worker (+57%)
  • QA/QC Officer (+54%)
  • Business Intelligence Manager (+31%)
  • Membership Manager (+30%)
  • Performance Manager (+30%)

Job candidates in the health and social care-related fields are also being offered higher salaries than before:

  • Community Care Worker (+45%)
  • Behaviour Support Worker (+30%)
  • Live-in Nanny (+25%)
  • Health and Social Care Teacher (+23%)
  • Children Residential Support Worker (+22%)
  • Social Care Worker (+22%)

Job roles with the highest increase in vacancies

Regarding the increase in vacancies, the top job was Cyber Security Engineer (+1,217%), with close to 1,500 advertised job openings in Nov 2022, compared to 113 jobs a year ago. The role also ranked ninth with the most increased advertised salary in the UK (+35%), this being driven by the dramatic rise in cybercrime and internet fraud.

The UK also saw a substantial vacancy growth in construction jobs:

  • Scaffolder (+470%)
  • Painter (+382%)
  • Tile Fitter (+377%)
  • Landscaper (+343%)
  • Roofer (+290%)
  • Bricklayer (+178%)
  • Plasterer (+121%)
  • Handyman (+67%)

Brexit has partly driven the upsurge in openings in the construction field. This is because the construction industry relied heavily on EU workers before the UK decided to leave the EU.

The air travel industry is slowly recovering and shows an increase in the vacant roles of crew member (+294%) and Travel Consultant (+67%).

The hospitality & catering, and retail sectors are also recovering, and increases were noted in the following job titles:

  • Barista (+256%)
  • Warehouse Assistant (+117%)
  • Store Assistant (+94%)
  • Customer Service Assistant (+82%)
  • Kitchen Manager (+77%)

Best-paid and most-wanted occupations

Chief Financial Officer is the best-paid job in the finance, IT, and healthcare sectors, followed by Consultant Psychiatrist and Quant Developer.

With pressure on companies to stick to tight budgets, finance jobs such as Tax Director, Quantitative Analyst, and Strategy Director are well rewarded.

Technology continues to play an active role in the world, meaning that IT careers are lucrative regardless of rank. As a result, Java Developer and DevOps Engineer roles also see some of the highest advertised vacancies.

In the medical and dental sector, advertised salaries for roles such as Specialised Doctor, Dental Practitioner, and GP remain much higher than most jobs in the UK.

Job roles with the most openings

The top five jobs with the highest number of advertised vacancies are:

  • Social Care Worker (25,438 jobs)
  • Warehouse Worker (15,321 jobs)
  • Software Developer (11,123 jobs)
  • Nurse (10,022 jobs)
  • Engineer (9,231 jobs)

Generally speaking, market demand for non-skilled roles and teaching roles is high:

  • Warehouse Worker, Cleaner (8,415 jobs)
  • Delivery Driver (7,369 jobs)
  • Housekeeper (3,432 jobs)
  • Vehicle Technician (3,428 jobs)
  • Security Guard (3,404 jobs)
  • Teaching Assistant (8,643 jobs)
  • Personal Trainer (8,124 jobs)
  • Driving Instructor (6,589 jobs)
  • Tutor (5,961 jobs)
  • SEN Assistant (5,692 jobs)
  • Primary School Teacher (4,107 jobs)

Paul Lewis, Chief Customer Officer at job search engine Adzuna, commented: “After a turbulent two years, jobseekers are reassessing what they want, and we’re seeing that compensation and job security are of increasing importance when it comes to pursuing an open role. Despite a gloomy economic climate, our findings show that job opportunities within the finance, IT, healthcare, and education sectors remain strong. The pandemic spurred businesses to go digital, which opened an entirely new global market. This has catalysed the demand for language specialists who can help with localisation such as Interpreters. On the other hand, because of the growing prevalence of digital markets, there are more cybercrimes, which calls for IT specialists like Cyber Security Engineers.”



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