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The secret to a strong brand strategy, according to Indeed

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“Employers need to be prepared to pivot,” hiring expert says

In today’s competitive job market, attracting and retaining the best talent requires a strong employer branding strategy. With the rise of digital platforms, candidates are increasingly turning to the online realm to evaluate potential employers. Therefore, it is crucial to develop a solid vision, culture, and strategy that will enhance your recruitment process.

According to Nishita Lalvani, Marketing Director for Singapore, Southeast Asia, and India at Indeed, employers face various challenges when it comes to building their branding. To remain relevant to a younger audience, it is essential to communicate a sense of purpose and emphasize diversity, inclusion, and authentic employee stories. These are key aspects that employers must grasp in order to succeed.

To refine your employer brand, candidate feedback is an invaluable source of information that cannot be overlooked. By gathering insights and data from candidates, employers can identify what matters most to today’s employees and adjust their branding strategy accordingly. Lalvani emphasizes the need for employers to be adaptable, including embracing new technologies, responding to external disruptions, and potentially changing their ways of working.

Nishita commented: “Companies must also prioritize authenticity in their messaging. Instead of relying on corporate jargon, it is crucial to adopt a more human and relatable tone. Understanding and addressing the aspirations of your target audience is imperative. This can be achieved by directly asking employees about their priorities, such as growth, learning, hybrid work, wellness, and more.”

Consistency across all external channels is vital. Whether it’s your website, social media platforms, company pages, or platforms like Glassdoor, maintaining a cohesive brand image is essential. Employers can also measure the effectiveness of their employer branding efforts using specific metrics.

Becoming an “employer of choice” is a common goal for organizations today. To achieve this, employers must establish a high level of trust and purpose, and be seen as inclusive of individuals from diverse backgrounds and experiences.

Lalvani concludes that your brand promise should evolve and be central to the employee experience. It is important for your messaging to be authentic, aligned with your mission, and socially conscious.


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