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TIARA Recruitment Awards 2022

TIARA Staffing Awards launched in the US

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TALiNT Partners expands the TIARA Recruitment Awards into the US.
All finalists receive detailed entry feedback from the panel judges.
The TIARAs are the largest global awards programme in the TA and staffing industry.

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Today marks the official launch of the TIARA Staffing Awards US campaign, dedicated to honoring outstanding achievements in the US staffing industry. TALiNT Partners’ TIARA Awards program recognize remarkable growth, exceptional client and candidate service, innovative practices, and exemplary leadership within the sector.

Building upon the success of their esteemed Recruitment Awards in the UK and Ireland, Australia, and the Middle East, TALiNT Partners are thrilled to announce the expansion of the prestigious awards program to the United States.

What sets the TIARAs apart is the rigorous judging process and the caliber of the judging panel, which comprises leading industry executives and top talents from talent acquisition and HR departments of global giants like McDonald’s, 7-Eleven, and Nissan.

Navigating the TIARA submission process has never been easier, thanks to TALiNT Partners’ user-friendly online platform. It allows entrants to effortlessly draft, save, and submit their entries all in one convenient location. Additionally, the panel of expert judges will provide valuable feedback to all shortlisted candidates.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to shine! The deadline for submissions for the 2024 campaign is January 16. Finalists will be revealed on January 24, and the prestigious winners will be crowned during a glamorous black-tie Gala Dinner and awards ceremony for recruitment leaders, set to take place in Atlanta, Georgia, on March 7.

Explore the 11 distinctive award categories for 2024 here to see where your achievements could be celebrated.


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