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UK Google searches for ‘Remote work’ has sky-rocketed by nearly 200%

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 ‘Work from home,’ ‘Remote jobs’ and ‘Work remote’ searches surge

Interest in remote work in the UK has soared on the back of  Zoom – the company at the heart of remote work during the pandemic – ordering its staff back to the office.

Employee performance platform Weekly10 analysed Google search data over the past few days and revealed that following the Zoom announcement, searches for ‘Remote work’ increased by 197% in the UK in just several hours. The analysis also found a 310% increase in searches for ‘Remote jobs’ and a 296% increase for ‘work from home’.

A spokesperson for Weekly10 said: “With the Zoom news being reported globally, it’s likely to send shockwaves through the working from home community, as this could be a trend that could continue, especially with a remote work pioneer like Zoom going back on the very thing it was designed to help with. Whether more companies follow, only time will tell, and it’s clear that many people are trying to lock down remote positions.”


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