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Who cares? Employees don’t believe their employers do

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A new report has found that 42% of employees feel uncared for by their employers

A new report has found that 42% of employees feel uncared for by their employers, highlighting the negative impact of neglecting staff in the workplace. The report, which was conducted by MetLife for its 21st annual US Employee Benefit Trends Study, surveyed 2,884 employees and revealed that white-collar male workers were most likely to feel that their employers cared about them at work, with 72% reporting feeling cared for. In contrast, just 60% of female respondents and 58% of blue-collar workers felt their employers cared about them. The study also found a disconnect between employer and employee perceptions of care, with 87% of employers believing their organization demonstrated care, compared to just 65% of employees.

Those who felt the least cared for were also the least healthy, with female employees experiencing a 20% decline in holistic health and only 26% of Gen Z employees feeling holistically healthy. The report highlights the importance of care in promoting employee wellbeing, happiness, and overall satisfaction at work, and urges employers to optimize their approach to care to meet employee expectations. For female staff, the report suggests recognizing the importance of supportive managers, while for blue-collar workers, contribution levels should be reconsidered to alleviate financial pressures. For Gen Z employees, improvements to mission and value statements can help clarify an organization’s actions, stance, and community impact. The report concludes that organizations that genuinely demonstrate employee care are much more likely to weather macro challenges effectively and attract and retain employees.


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