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Winners from the TIARA Staffing Awards US are profiled!

The first TIARA Staffing Awards took place on March 7 2024, in Atlanta.

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Staffing Leaders from top agencies the United States’ attended the gala dinner in Atlanta.
11 winners were crowned with 3 highly commended by panel of expert Judges.
InterEx Group and Quanta were both announced as double winners.

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This year’s TIARA Staffing Awards US were more than just a celebration of individual achievements; they’re were a powerful testament to the invaluable contribution of the staffing industry. The finalists stood as shining examples within their communities and across the nation, reminding us of the vital role staffing plays in shaping the future of work. 

“It’s great to see so many of the industry’s top brands shortlisted alongside the industry’s most exciting disruptors; with this being our first year presenting the TIARA Staffing Awards in the US, this inaugural class will set the bar for what will be expected for years to come.” commented Ray Culver, Managing Director – Americas, TALiNT Partners. 

Thank you to our highly respected panel of judges and sponsors, they support our process with their reputations as well as their considerable experience and insight. 

The 2024 TIARA Staffing Awards campaign was supported by: Blackwood Capital Group, Bubty, cFirst Background Checks, Mercury, Staffing Future and Target Recruit.  

We have profiled each of our winners in the Awards supplement below.

For more information on the 2025 TIARA Staffing Awards campaign click here.


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