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Jobs with high pay and little competition

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Those looking for a career change as a result of the pandemic might wish to consider some of the more specialised areas of finance, healthcare, tech and law if the results of a recent analysis are anything to go by.

Jobs website Indeed sifted through hundreds of thousands of full-time job postings on its platform to come up with a list of jobs that are highly paid but receive little interest from jobseekers compared with other roles.

Topping its list of the 20 jobs with the highest pay and lowest competition was geriatric doctor, which despite having a median salary of £57,349 a year, received 95% fewer clicks from jobseekers than other jobs on Indeed.

The healthcare sector accounted for 40% of the jobs on Indeed’s list (see table below), while the job of tax partner, at number 10 on the list, had the highest salary in the top 20 at £128,750 a year.

Bill Richards, managing director for the UK at Indeed, said: “With hiring resuming in earnest, getting people back into work is vital but these findings show there are still some sectors where there is not an abundance of candidates.

“The roles with the least competition are highly specialised, and employers often find they need to pay a premium to attract qualified candidates. Workers who have, or who are in training to get, these in-demand skills can expect to be wooed by big salaries.”

While admittedly the healthcare roles on the list require an intensive amount of training, there were also three tech jobs on the list.

Those with technical leanings interested in a career change could find it much less time-consuming to obtain relevant skills for these jobs than is the case for medicine. The added bonus is that it’s definitely a growth area, according to Richards.

“The availability of tech jobs, for example, is only going to increase as our world becomes even more digitised – and some workers may benefit from getting qualifications relevant to this sector,” said Richards.

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