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TALiNT Partners trots the globe to talk market trends

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TALiNT Partners definitely covered some ground this month having hosted industry leader dinners from Frankfurt to Minneapolis. Global challenges remain the same: the topics of skills shortages and a looming recession dominated conversations on both sides of the Pond but it wasn’t all doom and gloom as guests broke bread and made the most of the opportunity to network with peers.

20 April | The Capital Grille 8010, Minneapolis

BUILDING AND EXPANDING YOUR DIRECT SOURCING PROGRAM. TALiNT Partners and AMS hosted a talent leaders’ dinner to discuss how to build and expand your Direct Sourcing Program. This was our first-time hosting in the Twin Cities, and the Minnesota hospitality was on full display throughout our visit. Conversation at dinner revealed that leveraging the employer brand to build talent pools and cost savings are key drivers for using direct candidate sourcing.

20 April | The Westbury Hotel, Dublin, Ireland

WHAT SHOULD IRELAND’S RECRUITERS PRIORITISE FOR PROFITABLE GROWTH? After several years of disruption in recruitment – with new expectations from clients, candidates and consultants – how are the best in sector adapting to find and keep the best talent? A full write up of the event will be published in the next issue of TALiNT International. At this invitation-only event on the Emerald Isle, TALiNT Partners will bring together industry experts, solution providers and award-winning recruitment leaders to enjoy panel debates and roundtable discussions followed by a leaders’ lunch to connect with peers. There was also Guinness drank.

28 March |The Westin Grand, Frankfurt

TALINT PARTNERS AND EIGHTFOLD.AI HOSTED A DINNER ON CREATIVE TALENT ACQUISITION TO TACKLE SKILL SCARCITY IN THE DACH REGION. We were dining in the UK and dining in Europe. Yes, TALiNT Partners gets around! This interactive was a roaring success, and our delegates were delighted to take part in discussions about Germany’s highest levels of employment in over thirty years; the unemployment rate remains low at 2.8%. This has profound implications for talent acquisition in a market with 764,000 notified vacancies in January 2023. We can’t wait to go back!

29 March | The Ivy, West Street, London

TALINT PARTNERS AND CORNERSTONE HOSTED A LIVELY AND INTERESTING DINNER IN THE VERY SUAVE PRIVATE DINING ROOM OF THE IVY IN LONDON. We talked about the essential use of Talent Intelligence when it comes to strategy and workforce planning, the clash of cultures we’re seeing with yet another ‘way of working shift with employers fuelling the return to in-person working and of course, ChatGPT and whether it’s aiding or hindering workflows… The shepherd’s pie was delicious. We always feel as if we’re cheating on the Beaumont’s shepherd’s pie, but both are equally decadent. (If you know, you know!)


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