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The future of work is here but we’re not sure what it looks like yet

Ken Brotherston, CEO at TALiNT Partners talks about how AI is helping us do our jobs more effectively and what will be unpacked at the Digitalisation Humanisation Conference on 6 June.

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There is so much commentary and speculation on how AI will impact the world of work that it’s all too easy to treat it as background noise or think ‘this is something I don’t have to worry about right now’. But it is. 

For pretty much any professional, tech, managerial or leadership role one question you should be asking (or expect to be asked) whether in an interview or an appraisal is this: ‘how have you used AI to help you be better at your job?’. 

Of course, the answer is going to vary from role to role and I would expect different answers from people at different levels in the organisation. But, for me, a huge red flag would be if anyone answered, ‘I haven’t thought about it.’   

Even within a small business like TALiNT Partners I expect everyone from our apprentices to the leadership team to be thinking about how they use AI. For apprentices it may be things like producing better/quicker content, conducting research and analysis or preparing presentations. 

At a more strategic level we are looking at how we integrate trusted, generative AI across all aspects of the business. The opportunities if we do it well are enormous. As are the threats if we do it badly – or worse still – not at all.  

And yet we know we are still in the foothills of what is possible with AI and there are still some important questions we need to ask and understand. This is as relevant for us as it is for you and that’s why we put our Digitalisation & Humanisation conference together. 

Date: 6th June 2024 

Time: 11:45 – 19:00 BST 

Location: The Mermaid, 2 Puddle Dock, London, EC4V 3DB 

We wanted to create an event which takes some time to explore both the profound and the prosaic in relation to how AI will shape modern work. To do this we have brought together an amazing range of thinkers from places like the Turing Institute, Oxford University and SAID Business School, as well as those at the coal face of delivering a modern talent agenda from organisations like Citi, Shell, Marks and Spencer, and Oxfam. 

We also have the BBC’s first ever Head of Brand – who may have a few things to say about how we trust and verify information in an AI world. 

All in all, it’s a veritable smorgasbord of relevance and insight (I’m writing this article from Copenhagen airport so needed to get ‘smorgasbord’ in somewhere – although I do know it’s a Swedish word!) 

For HR and talent leaders serious about shaping strategy and staying relevant in their own careers this is simply not a topic where you can sit on the sidelines and see what happens. But fear not, as we say at many of our events, whatever your challenge, you’re not alone! 

So come and join an amazing group of peers and professionals for a stimulating, thought-provoking, interactive and hugely enjoyable day. You’ll be glad you did.  

You can find out more about the event and register via this link. 


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